Vomak Industries offers services in sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal manufacturing, laser cutting, welding, cnc bending, perforated sheet metal, electrical enclosures & metal products in Johannesburg

image of vomak industries laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Mild Steel 0,5mm-12,0mm
Aluminium 0,5mm-12,0mm
Stainless Steel 0,5mm-12,0mm
perforated metal sheeting in Johannesburg vomak industries south africa

CNC Punching

Mild Steel 0,5mm-4,0mm
Cu 0,5mm-4,0mm
Stainless Steel 0,5mm-4,0mm
Aluminium 0,5mm-4,0mm
Silicon mats/screens 0,5mm-4,0mm
Polycarbon 0,5mm-4,0mm
metal bending services johannesburg


Mild steel/Cu/Sst./Al. 0,5mm-4,0mm (max. 3m lengths)
Mild steel/Cu/Sst./Al. 4,1mm-8,0mm (max. 2m lengths)
Mild steel/Cu/Sst./Al. 8,1mm-12,0mm (max. 1m lengths)
vomak industries welding and sheet metal fabrication


Spot Welding
Tig Welding
Stud Welding
co2 welding

Press Shop


Press Shop includes functions such as:
Press fitting studs
High volume pressing

Tool & Die Making


The tool room facility has the ability to design and manufacture:

  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Press tools
  • Form tools
  • Progression tooling
  • Machined components

Research & Development

  • Development of ideas into 3D models – Pro Engineer (CREO) software used
  • Development of models into drawings – Autocad software used
  • Manufacture of prototypes